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:: What is Artboard?

Artboard is fiber plywood made by compressing polyester fiber into a board that supplements acoustic absorption and insulation. It is a soundproffing/insulation finish that is used to create a multitude of designs with diverse color. Artobards are manufactured. To the same dimension of common plywood, namely 1.2m ×2.4m (4×8 size) with a tichkness of 5mm ~ 12mm.

Artboard compared to other materials

1) Lighweight : 2kg/m2
2) Stable Surface : Less than 1% Shrinkage
3) Easily Processed : Smooth application even on bent areas, Easily cut using common knives.
4) Diverse colors : 13colors
    white, light beige, dark beige, pink. orange, blue,
    green, dark green, black, marble,
    lemon, light purple, sky blu

5) Withstands long term exposure to fire
    Approved by Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation for flame retardant property
6) Safe from damage caused by insects or mold.
7) Durable in humidity : very low moisture content 0.037%
8) Economical : Total Price - 50% less than common type procedure
9) Easy application : Anyone can do it
    Apply an adhesive then adhere to walls or ceilings. May be applied using a tacker
10) No leftovers : Remaining pieces may be used for memo boards, bulletion boards, computer mouse
    pad, etc.